ColdPruf Extreme Performance Baselayer  - Men's - Pant


ColdPruf Extreme Performance Baselayer - Men's - Pant

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A choice baselayer top a a good start but you cant reach peak comfort in the cold elements completing the ensemble with a pair of base layer pants that can keep up with all your high-tec tops. This baselayer pant has a next-to-skin fit with two layers of ColdPruf Technical Fiber. Athletes out there pushing their physical limits in extreme winter conditions that would make most shudder at just the thought will be comfortable with this baselayer that actively manages moisture and insulates with performance technology integrated at the molecular level into the polyester fibers. The ergonomic men's cut gives you a fit that feels as natural as your own skin with tagless printing and flat seams you can focus on your goal rather than positioning your baselayer.